Ch 9: Canning ducks media on highest rate rises in Perth

CanningAccountability image Ch 9 report on Canning ducking comment on rate rises

Update:  See full Ch 9 video at bottom (Ch 9’s FB post received second highest no. views  at 45,000).

Being asked to comment on City of Canning’s high rate rises happened fast – a phone call, crew arrived, Mike Nahan was door-stopped earlier, as was the Minister for Local Govt, yet by 3pm the City had still not made itself available to talk to the media.  Instead, the crew filmed from outside its foyer*.

This is the second year in a row Canning has attracted attention for large rate hikes.

Home owners across Perth are about to be slugged again with annual rates bills more than 5 times inflation in some suburbs.  If you live in the City of Canning you’re in for the most pain and some of the southern suburbs aren’t far behind.
Channel 9 News, 25 July 2016

Josh Jerga (Reporter):  Diana Ryan is angry that Bentley residents are once again hit by the City of Canning with one of the biggest rate hikes in Perth.

Diana Ryan:  We’re talking about a general rate increase of 28% in the last four years.  Explain to me why we need to do that?

Josh: With inflation sitting at around 1.25%, this year Canning’s rates are going up 5.9%….that’s $70 on top of the average rate bill, which are the lowest in Perth.  Diana says instead of looking at ratepayers, the Council should look at itself.

Diana: We have, at only 100,000 people, the highest number of staff in Perth.

CanningAccountability Josh Jerga Ch 9 25 July 2016

Josh:  The City of Canning will reap an extra $4.7m from the rate hike, turning a massive deficit in to a small surplus.  Today, no-one from the Council would comment on camera.

Mike Nahan, Member for Riverton:  Its been poorly run for a long period of time, that’s one reason why we suspended the Council.

Josh:  Rockingham is one of four Councils where the rates are 3 x inflation.  Households there slugged an extra 4%.  That’s an extra $61.  In Vic Park, rates are also up by 4%.

Trevor Vaughan, Mayor of Vic Park:  As infrastructure becomes more difficult to deal with you have to have the money to improve your roads, to improve your facilities…

Josh:  Subiaco’s rates up 4%, so too its western suburbs’ neighbour Nedlands.   In the northern suburbs Wanneroo rates are up 3.6% , Joondalup home owners face a 2.5% hike, but in Stirling one of the lowest increases in Perth (1.75%).

And in the east, Armadale’s rates are up 3% and the City of Swan’s jacked rates up by 3.25%.

Tony Simpson, Minister for Local Govt:  I suggest the ratepayers engage more with their Council and ask them questions about how their ratepayers’ monies are being spent.

*It should be noted that new CEO Arthur Kyron has only just commenced at Canning and appears to be moving quickly to address issues that are only now showing themselves following the departure of former CEO, Lyn Russell.  It should also be noted that the directors of Canning chose to push through the 2016/17 budget before Mr Kyron was due to commence – a mere six days later.