Local Govt

What do you do when concerned about the way things operate, and you feel no-one is listening?

How do you cope when confronted with this in order to get something looked at:-

The most effective way to provide your complaint would be in  writing to the Department.  When forwarding your complaint please be sure to be as succinct as you possibly can and identify where and why you believe any offence or failure to comply with any required regulation , legislation or process [has occurred].

Answer:  You can’t.

So I started a blog, where I could air my views as an ordinary person.

It just so happens my focus in on the City of Canning and what can happen within.

Should you care to read my posts – Welcome!

Diana Ryan


Instigated the Knowledge Arc Light Rail project as an independent study contract at Murdoch University.  Two undergraduate scholarships, value 40K.  Member of IHRF component of NASA Research Team On Microgravity-Induced IH.  Proud member of the Disability Community…. and for her birthday she asked for and received a solar system! 

Content authorised by Diana Ryan (Silent Elector, Bentley).

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I am surprised you have not written a piece on the ongoing Paul Ng payment sacrifice and the efforts of Bill Prince, Blair Campbell and many others to have him held accountable. What an awful Mayor he is ……

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    1. Good morning! Nice to hear from you again.

      On the subject of Paul Ng’s salary sacrificing its had a huge airing and won’t be changing. What are ya gonna do?

      I’m not 100% sure what has angered Blair – that Paul Ng may well have gotten in as mayor because of how he framed what he would or would not be taking home in compensation for his role, and/or that he feels the community has been misled and the integrity of the new council is now impaired.

      There has also long been a divergence in what Bill and I put focus on – he concentrated largely on “Save Canning” re local govt reform, while I was much more alarmed at what dismissed Commissioner Reynolds and the staff were getting up to in the absence of a council!

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    1. Wilfred (?). This blog is set up to detect when an identifier has been reported before for abuse. You have, although you are using a fake name and email address. You can ask me Qs directly, you might be surprised at the answers, but if you want to comment I encourage you to use your own name, and a verifiable email address. Otherwise, you get flushed.


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