Cambridge Council wins Supreme Court action against Minister for Local Govt

Announced Today: The Town of Cambridge has smashed it on showing the Minister for Local Govt, David Templeman, had no basis upon which to require its Council “show cause” as to why it shouldn’t be suspended.

“The Court agreed the Town was justified in seeking to prohibit the Minister from suspending the Council and requiring elected members to undertake training…. We are pleased the court has determined that there was no basis upon which the Minister could conclude that it is inappropriate for the Council to continue to do its job. His Honour determined that the proposed suspension of Council had no basis in jurisdictional fact, was unreasonable and is a disproportionate response to the matters raised in the Show Cause Notice…. Justice Tottle also awarded legal costs to the Town and these will be determined at a later court hearing”.

The full statement from the Town of Cambridge HERE

Image from WAToday website, “Western suburbs council faces state investigation, possible suspension”. as published on 26 May 2020. Link to article HERE