Canning’s Mayor wants bigger clothing allowance than Lord Mayor?

If the Mayor of the City of Canning, Patrick Hall, doesn’t want a fat increase in his clothing allowance – a perk discontinued by many councils – he was far from convincing about it on radio 6PR today. In fact, in one year, Mr Hall has become the most expensive mayor to maintain of Canning’s last three. And that was after declaring he was “drawing a line in the sand on councillor expenses” before he became Mayor.

The Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, and 6PR listeners duke it out below:

Mayor Patrick Hall not quite convincing on that smaller wardrobe!
Deputy Mayor Jesse Jacobs takes a different view on expanding ratepayer funded wardrobes
6PR listeners cannot agree councillors should be clothed on the public purse

Tonight, however, if Canning’s council votes it through, the Emperor’s new clothing allowance will treble. The Deputy Mayor will get a big increase, and rank and file councillor clothes’ racks may double in size. Not all Canning’s elected members claim the allowance, of course, but Mr Hall has already claimed nearly $1000 worth in his first four year term, and interestingly enough male councillors make more clothing claims than women.

However, not even new Lord Mayor, Basil Zempilas, gets a clothing allowance now – its been shut down so as “to be more in line with community expectations”. So where is the bid for all this extra money to spend on attire coming from?

Mr Hall repeatedly indicated on 6PR that staff put this bid forward, but, in an unusual move, the staff moved to upload various notes made by the Mayor’s own hand, ostensibly relating to travel expenses, as part of the official record put forward to council.

Mr Hall indicated, at the Agenda Briefing of 13 October 2020, that he was surprised that had been released – but whilst the Mayor – a man nearing 60 and with no children left at home – was also making a song and dance about the overall low use of child care allowances by younger councillors, he seemed to have little problem with his clothing allowance zooming from $600 in the first year to $2000, and $750 a year thereafter for the extent of his four year term, up from $300.

Which end of the local government spectrum actually nominated the new, higher clothing allowances remains far from clear.

Deputy Mayor, Jesse Jacobs, who was interviewed straight after Mr Hall, is having none of this – pointing out, economically, this is not the time to jack up clothing allowances: “It’s all about perceptions, we’ve tried to freeze rates, tighten our belts. We want to look after our residents first”. Mr Jacobs, in fact, is willing to give up these sorts of payments today, as surrounding Tier 1 councils already have.

The Mayor of Canning is paid $47,515 sitting fees (meeting attendance) and $89,753 (personal allowance) annually. His fortnightly pay is $5414. I’m pretty sure he has a lot of suits as it is, and can afford to pay for an extra jacket or two if needs be.

5 thoughts on “Canning’s Mayor wants bigger clothing allowance than Lord Mayor?

  1. Disgusted by this Mayor – and wondered when he elected how all his ‘corporate experience’ would feed in: how to use the system to benefit oneself; exaggerated bonuses and claims; oversized egos, etc. When you live and work in these organisations, your sense of what’s OK is distorted and integrity becomes very subjective.


    1. Hi Carol
      Seems to be all over the place. I remember Mr Hall’s electioneering bids, and other notations about himself: “key member” of City’s Audit & Risk group – one would hope they all mattered, “Executive” employment – yet the Mayor stated on 6PR he’d never had a job where he needed a suit before. Random observations here, but there are so many inconsistencies or claims that don’t stand up, and only one year in to a very public role. Cheers!


      1. Hi Diana.. Something on the nose at canning.. Check out below link. pages 63-93 council agenda special use application.. In fact the special use has been occuring for past 7 years. When council made aware 2019 Dec no compliance or shut down of activities but request by council for special use application. Now going to council 10/11/20. Given the original development application 2016 approved and managed by Councillor Margaret Hall who stated conflict of interest in initial council meeting but hey no objections. Go figure. It appears you can do what ever you wish contrary to bi-laws and its only an issue when someone complains and even then try stop that activity.. Who cares about the ratepayer…

        Click to access Agenda-Briefing-Agenda-10-November-2020_1.pdf

        Love your work


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