Curtin University pushing Cannington for light rail link

Upon receiving a media release from Member for Cannington, Bill Johnston, that puts a particular emphasis on connecting Cannington with Curtin University, I wondered how realistic this call was,  especially at a time when the Barnett Govt’s just released Transport Plan is described as aspirational at best and doesn’t indicate any light rail incorporating the City of Canning.

Turns out Curtin itself is putting out words to that effect [click image for more detail], as it begins to develop Stage One of “Greater Curtin”.


Curtin has committed to deliver a new bus interchange as a key component of the overall Greater Curtin Master Plan and forms part of Greater Curtin Stage One. This interchange is intended to be the central public transport hub for Curtin and is to be situated adjacent to a proposed new light-rail service connecting the campus with the Perth CBD, Canning Bridge and Cannington.
Campus Development Opportunity, Information Memorandum, Greater Curtin Stage One

Next door to Bill Johnston’s electoral area is Ben Wyatt’s (potentially the next State Treasurer, and the Member for Vic Park, where the “knowledge arc-like” light rail from CBD to Curtin mooted in Transport Minister Nalder’s plan today will run), so it’s potentially an interesting tension as to which council area could get the link up to Curtin.  Canning’s connection to Curtin would be as a spur line off Cannington Train Station.

Bill Johnston’s heads up on Cannington and its potential missed opportunity for Tier One* public transport options below.

Bill Johnston
Member for Cannington
Media Release
29 July 2016

Government’s transport plan neglects Cannington

After eight long years in government, the Barnett Liberal Government has released its transport plan. It’s a fairy tale document with no costs or firm commitments at all… In fact the Minister actually referred to the plan as aspirational.

Bill Johnston MLA, Member for Cannington, said the government’s plan neglected Cannington and residents living in the South Eastern Corridor.

“Cannington has been completely ignored in the Barnett Liberal Government’s plan,” Mr Johnston said. “Our community is left unconnected to other areas in the Perth Metro – despite Cannington being identified as a major activity centre. Given the projected growth in Cannington’s business district, this failure of planning is simply not good enough.”

Mr Johnston said the Government’s plan was also problematic for people commuting to and from Curtin University.

“The Government has made no plan to use light rail to connect Curtin University’s campus with Cannington Train Station, despite this approach being supported by both the University and local council”, Mr Johnston said.

Mr Johnston remarked that the Government’s plan alienated people living in the South Eastern Corridor, “it is easier to commute to Curtin University from Perth CBD than it is for local people living in Cannington. The Government has ignored thousands of local residents who rely on public transport for commuting”.

Mr Johnston said that the Government’s plan neglected local community members, “once again the Government has shown it is only interested in Perth CBD and the Western Suburbs. It has completely ignored the transport issues faced by people living in Cannington”.

*Tier One public transport:  generally acknowledged to be heavy or light rail line.