Canning’s stability undermined?

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Canning is returning to democratic governance in one month.

In 17 months it may lose its Mayor.

The political party memberships/past parliamentary bids inclusive within Canning’s 11 mayoral candidates, and what this may mean for the stability of the new council, is a constant source of concern for the community.

Jesse Jacobs, spending up big to win the Mayoral position, appears unwilling to answer Qs about whether he will again run for state parliament in March 2017, or an anticipated federal election, both occurring in what may be his first term as Mayor – in fact, he has been removing that Q from his campaign FaceBook.


Jesse Jacobs would now be acutely aware he has been asked this question:

Will you CATEGORICALLY RULE OUT NOW running for state or federal parliament in your FIRST TERM if you become Mayor of the City of Canning, as a sign of your commitment to the community in this campaign and to the stability of its first democratic council in three years?

Other mayoral candidates are currently answering that question for us and we will publish those shortly.

Only JESSE JACOBS seems outright unwilling to publicly commit to the community for a full first term as Mayor, should he be voted in.

Only JESSE JACOBS seems outright unwilling to assure that he will not destabilise Canning’s first council in years, by harbouring and acting on plans otherwise to use the position to boost his chances to win a state or federal seat in his first term as Mayor of Canning.

At which point he would walk away from the people of Canning who voted for him.

At this stage, until Jesse Jacobs publicly avows through his campaign FaceBook not to attempt to run for parliament during the next four years  – as he has now been openly asked that Q – a vote for Jesse Jacobs may well undermine the role of Mayor for Canning, and his “fall back” bid as a Mason Ward Councillor, and destabilise its first council in years.

Jesse Jacobs?  Please answer the Q you have been asked by CanningAccountability, or its Convenor, Diana Ryan, on your campaign Facebook as soon as possible, in the interests of the community and stable govt.

(For your convenience, we will post it again and again)

*We take Print Screen copies each time we post the Q above on Jesse Jacobs campaign FaceBook.

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6 thoughts on “Canning’s stability undermined?

  1. You are joking – what have you got against this candidate. I don’t personally like the political parties influencing Local Government. But stop trying to influence the outcome, its obvious who you support. He has a right in this democratic country to try for all levels of government. Many others will try and use local government as a stepping stone. Have a go at them too, not just this one. Anyone can say anything to please and then circumstances can change.


    1. I fully agree wth you Ron. I have made it a point not to join any political party and yet both majors parties are running tickets in the CoG election (I guess it is the same everywhere). It does make it difficult for us who want to stay bi-partisan and run for a position in LG. There is nothing to vote upon at LG that is along party lines, so the only benefit that I can see is to give their “people” a public profile.


  2. This site supports only the previous Mayor. I did enjoy some of the previous posts but now it becomes apparent that it only supports the previous position holder. Personally, despite the failure of the investigation to recommend any action, the best thing for the City is for the previous councillors to stand aside and let the City proceed forward with new blood. They will have their work cut out with the issues facing the City. The residents face some necessary major rate increases to fund future Operational and Capex expenditure and this is going to require Councillors with guts to do the right thing for the City.


    1. Hi Russell, what happened was we were all awaiting the City’s Candidate Forum night video. There are some excellent mayoral prospects, and the video footage would have provided the best coverage of all to direct readers of the blog too. The City worked for 10 days to get the video up’n’running, but the power outage that occurred on the night made it unrecoverable.

      Joe Delle Donne wasn’t there, he was still in Europe, and that is why I featured him separately – no footage forthcoming. I’m afraid the time frames are now REALLY pushed out to go back and feature other candidates but we will try.

      We do have a window of time – voting paper packages to each household didn’t go out 23rd, as planned, and will now be delivered by Australia Post to arrive in the first half of next week.


  3. I’m thinking Ron and Russell might be supporters of Jesse Jacobs. I fully support your ongoing questions of Jesse Jacobs. The very last thing CofC need is an inexperienced and unsuitable new Mayor that starts his Liberal political campaign 1 year after starting his new role. More concerns for CofC administration and residents. In fact I would put 5 or 6 candidates well above him in credentials and true integrity ( I have to laugh that this word is JJ catch cry) My question is how he has afforded the expense of “buying” his mayoral position if, god forbid, he gets in. I also believe that the 10 councillors that will be elected will have absolutely no confidence in JJ and again the CofG will be unstable. I would hope that thousands of voters would be aware of these points but sad to say they won’t…..


    1. The Mayor will get $137,000 a year in fees and benefits.
      Over half a million in one four year term.
      Over a million dollars if they stay for two terms (the standard the State would like to see for Mayors).

      Some will do the job full time, some will do it full time but around the clock, ie, nights and weekends, some will do it part time.

      Add it to their day job wages, and it can function as separate funding for an election campaign (or to refund what you spent getting to that spot).

      What’s more, Mayors can and do refuse to furnish their diaries, so we don’t know where they are, how much work or hours they are doing, etc. Same with councillors. Just how much interaction with the community are they having? Very difficult to tell sometimes what the community will get for the $120,000 our councillors will get for a four year term.


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