Lib Mayor destabilise Canning?

Jesse Jacobs photo from Facebook campaign
Pre-selected for Cannington in 2013, never heard from again until now. Seat of Cannington up for grabs again in 2017

UPDATE (5 mins later):
Jesse Jacobs has now blocked us from putting the Q below on his campaign FB.  We now assume Jesse Jacobs only plans to use Canning as a stepping stone, should he become Mayor of Canning, and will ditch the Council if he succeeds getting in to Parliament either at state election Feb 2017, or fed election to be held as early as 10-11 months from now.

Jesse Jacobs categorically refuses to answer the question “Will you categorically rule out now running for state or federal parliament in your first term if you become Mayor of the City of Canning, as a sign of your commitment to the community in this campaign and to the stability of its first democratic council in three years?”

Jesse Jacobs continues to avoid committing to a full first term as Mayor of Canning.  His overall low support patronage (mostly family members?) on his campaign FB put in lightweight comments to force our critical Q to him to drop from view.  Why is Jesse Jacobs avoiding committing to a full term as Mayor?  (Sat 26, 2015)

Jesse Jacobs answers subsequent Qs on his campaign FB, but not the Q about whether he will commit to serving a full first term if elected mayor, and not run for parliament in just 17 months (Fri 25 Sept 2015)

Jacobs removes fourth post asking him to rule out ditching Canning to run for parliament in his first term if Mayor (Fri 25 Sept 2015)

Canning is returning to democratic governance in one month.

In 17 months it may lose its Mayor.

The political party memberships/past parliamentary bids inclusive within Canning’s 11 mayoral candidates, and what this may mean for the stability of the new council, is a constant source of concern for the community.

Apparently little known within the Liberal Party machine otherwise, Jesse Jacobs – spending up big to win the Mayoral position – appears unwilling to answer Qs about whether he will again run for state parliament in March 2017, or an anticipated federal election, both occurring in what may be his first term as Mayor – in fact, he has been removing that Q from his campaign FaceBook.


Jesse Jacobs would now be acutely aware he has been asked this question:

Will you CATEGORICALLY RULE OUT NOW running for state or federal parliament in your FIRST TERM if you become Mayor of the City of Canning, as a sign of your commitment to the community in this campaign and to the stability of its first democratic council in three years?

Other mayoral candidates are currently answering that question for us and we will publish those shortly.

Only JESSE JACOBS seems outright unwilling to publicly commit to the community for a full first term as Mayor, should he be voted in.

Only JESSE JACOBS seems outright unwilling to assure that he will not destabilise Canning’s first council in years, by harbouring and acting on plans otherwise to use the position to boost his chances to win a state or federal seat in his first term as Mayor of Canning.

At which point he would walk away from the people of Canning who voted for him.

At this stage, until Jesse Jacobs publicly avows through his campaign FaceBook not to attempt to run for parliament during the next four years  – as he has now been openly asked that Q – a vote for Jesse Jacobs may well undermine the role of Mayor for Canning, and his “fall back” bid as a Mason Ward Councillor, and destabilise its first council in years.

Jesse Jacobs?  Please answer the Q you have been asked by CanningAccountability, or its Convenor, Diana Ryan, on your campaign Facebook as soon as possible, in the interests of the community and stable govt.

(For your convenience, we will post it again and again)

*We take Print Screen copies each time we post the Q above on Jesse Jacobs campaign FaceBook.

Image from Jesse Jacob’s campaign FaceBook

7 thoughts on “Lib Mayor destabilise Canning?

  1. I f he can’t answer the Question I am sure not going to vote for him and neither would I in a state or federal election.


  2. I agree Peter…..this guy can’t even put two words together. How could anyone vote for him as mayor if they actually researched. Sadly his excessive and maybe illegal campaigning may get him in … what a tragedy for CofC.


    1. Jesse Jacobs doesn’t seem to actually demonstrate the integrity he has been claiming he represents. We’ve asked and we’ve looked but there’s no actual evidence of the integrity he wishes you to know he embodies. More soon.


  3. My concern and I would think, the concern of a lot of people, including Liberals: Is the precedence a Jesse Jacobs victory would impose on future mayoral elections.That this is the kind of money you need to spend to get elected. Not only a tragedy for CofC but for local government everywhere.


    1. Hi Graeme

      We have several mayors who have run for parliament, may consider it again – or will contemplate it if they become mayor. Part of the reason why we’ve got so many people now trying for council is because the pay is much better than before. So, if you keep your day job, as mayor, but reap the fees, you will, if you decide to run in the second term of mayor, for example the state election of 2021, you will have had access to or been able to be up a fund from the $600,000 plus you were entitled to as Mayor of Canning. I don’t mind if the ambitious mayoral candidates want to run for parliament in their second term, as it won’t be so destabilising as making a break for it in the state election in 2017, but not until then (if they truly have integrity and truly care about Canning).


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