Canning’s Mayor loses patience with councillors

CanningAccountability image Paul Ng July 2016

A member of the public, who also ran for the position of Mayor of Canning in Oct 2015, said to me of Paul Ng the other day, “You endorsed the idiot who is now our Mayor – now we all have to live with it.”

Er, no – the problem emerging at Canning isn’t that of the Mayor’s commitment – it’s the attitudes of several councillors.  There is increasing evidence of poor meeting attendances and voting practices, and as we learn below, interest in developing critical knowledge.

Update:  It appears the tour of Canning’s extensive aged care facilities, about which Council is to make a decision of long term significance, was scheduled for a Saturday so that as many Councillors as possible could attend. Still several didn’t turn up.

Fortunately, it’s allowing us to begin separating the wheat from the chaff – we will vote on half of our brand new Council in just over a year (Canning had a standing start, so only some councillors secured four year terms).

As for Mayor Ng, he’s made his feelings clear about what’s going on in this excellent article by Pia van Straalen, from this week’s Canning Times:-

Canning: Mayor blasts councillors who skipped facility tours ahead of aged care reform vote