Why aren’t Canning Councillors voting at meetings?

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Warning!  Story contains graphic images!

Cr. Cunningham advises she has never missed voting at any OCM she has been present at
Cr. Margaret Hall chose to avoid answering if/why she may have chosen to leave chambers rather than vote 

There appears to be either an incontinence issue or an issue with continence within Canning’s new Council – they are racing out of chambers during Ordinary Council Meetings (OCMs) at an inordinate rate and if you aren’t in chambers you don’t have to vote on motions put forward.

As if councillor attendance records weren’t concerning enough, only 9 months out from being “under administration” for 3 years, our new councillors (ranging in age from 20s to ahem!) are just not staying the course for the 1-2 hours it takes to fully govern for 100,000 people and what’s covered by a $110m budget.

Provided for your convenience:  the movements of councillors in/out of a selection of OCMs

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#How many times, over only seven fully articulated Ordinary Council Meetings, our individual councillors have excused themselves from chambers:

Mayor Paul Ng (1)
Cr David Brown, Beeliar (5)
Cr Christine Cunningham, Beeloo (4)
Cr Patrick Hall, Bannister (2)
Cr Margaret Hall, Nicholson (5)
Cr Lindsay Holland, Beeliar (4)
Cr Jesse Jacobs, Mason (5)
Cr Ben Kunze, Bannister (1)
Cr Ayse Martli, Mason (7)
Cr Pauline Tarrant, Beeloo (6)
Cr Tim Porter, Nicholson (4)

Definition of Continence here!

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