Report of panel of Inquiry into City of Canning

6PR Radio interview with CanningAccountability 11th June 2014: 
“….Canning’s fate keeps getting worse under a Commissioner…..”

On 10 June 2014 the Minister tabled the report in Parliament and obtained Parliaments permission to publish the report making it a public document.

Download a copy of the ‘Report of the panel of Inquiry into the City of Canning’ (PDF 4.22MB).

Quick Media Summary HERE

“[The Report] found the failure was a result of several issues including a lack of transparency in many of the council’s decisions, a lack of effective community engagement on some issues and failings by both the council and the administration…contains 91 findings relating to the conduct of the council as a body, individual councillors and the mayor, as well as the former chief executive officer and council administration in general”

Critical extract from Inquiry Report, page 325, Good Governance in the future – the City’s Administrative Reform Agenda, point 16.25:

“All of the above are clear positives and reflect the considerable amount of work being done to improve the level of service provided to local residents. I note, however, that these governance improvements have taken place in an environment very much removed from that in existence prior to the suspension of the Council. Significantly, there is now a single Commissioner, a new CEO and the City has created a dedicated Governance unit. Commendable as these improvements are, it must be recognised that many of the changes have been designed on the basis that the Administration is working with a single Commissioner, rather than a group of individual Elected Members with their various personalities and opinions. Whether they translate readily to a returned Council will have to be seen”

Ministerial Release HERE

“The report acknowledged there had been significant changes and improvements in the administration of the city. However Dr Kendall was unable to conclude that the council in its present configuration and the administration were likely to provide good government in the future”

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11 June 2014

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