Lord Mayor may soon return

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi could resume mayoral duties after winning appeal.

Key extracts:

  • Court of Appeal dismissed 26 of 45 breaches of LG Act
  • The State will pay full costs of Ms Scaffidi’s costs for the successful breaches appeal and half the costs for her penalty appeal
  • Previous 18 month disqualification set aside
  • State Administrative Tribunal will re-determine what penalty Ms Scaffidi will face for 19 breaches of the Act

Ms Scaffidi’s response by Twitter today (full statement at bottom)

Extracted:  In a statement Ms Scaffidi said she was disappointed the question of a penalty would be left to SAT to decide:-

“As to where to from here, my legal team have written an open letter to the State Solicitor’s Office inviting discussions with a view to agreeing a penalty and thus bringing about a final resolution to this matter as soon as possible,” she said.

“Disappointingly the State Solicitor’s Office has responded that the Department ‘considers it appropriate that the question of penalty be left to the Tribunal to determine, and accordingly declines to enter into negotiations to attempt to reach an agreed position.’

“My offer to the Department to have discussions and endeavour to bring about a final resolution as soon as possible, remains open. I hope the Department will reconsider its position as it would seem to be in everyone’s best interests that this matter be resolved as soon as possible.”

Ms Scaffidi will await news of date of new SAT hearing to determine next step.

Lisa Scaffidi Twitter statement

Extracts taken from “Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi has appeal win over 18-month disqualification”, Kate Emery, Friday 1 December 2017 as published on online by The West Australian