Inquiry launched in to City of Melville

JUST ANNOUNCED (press on Heading for link):

State Government launches inquiry into City of Melville

It comes at an interesting time for City of Canning – as what has to be said is a gutless and gutted motion from its new Deputy Mayor, Christine Cunningham goes to Council querying if the City has fully implemented the recommendations from its own inquiry of 2014, after much lobbying from this blogger.

It also comes at a time ratepayers and council watchers are becoming  aware the McGowan Govt review in to the Local Govt Act is a spineless exercise that will not improve the accountability of either administrations or elected representatives to the people of WA.

6PR recently called for CITIZEN JOURNALISTS to make up for the loss of reporters across Fairfax newspapers, Channel 10 and more.

In particular, the call was to ensure what goes on in our courts and our councils gets out to the public at large.

Council watchers and ratepayer groups across Perth are gathering together to renew this push now.



2 thoughts on “Inquiry launched in to City of Melville

  1. When will we have a Local Govt Minister who will act on all these rogue councils. There needs to be many new rules applied to stop the abuse of the ratepayer monies. Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Council had enough corruption to warrant an investigation and nothing has been done. Councillors are paid way too much and do way too little that will benefit the ratepayer. We are very fortunate to have a great CEO now but we need great councillors and we are not there yet.


    1. Agreed! I’m afraid I WASN’T enthused at what is “up for review” at the Local Govt Act Review community consultations. Come on! No attempt to reform the Dept of Local Govt itself? The inquiry processes have serious problems – Canning had an Authorised Inquiry (internally run), then an Independent Inquiry (powers of a royal commission) then we find out we are all wallies being taken for a jolly jumbuk as it turns out the reccs emerging from that were just that – reccs, not enforceable. Its left up to councils to implement them or not. What the hey….?

      What we were being polled on was very general indeed.

      CEOs and others just apply for each others’ jobs, no fresh blood. Look I could go on and on but I will have a lot to put in submissions (various) to phase 1 of the LG Act review, including suggestions to improve the bloody awful review process to date, in time for phase 2. How are you going on that front? Pencils sharpened? We should talk. Cheers!


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