The utterly unnecessary comments of ratepayer group’s spokesperson

Class distinction raised its ugly head in 2014, courtesy of a woman now running for Canning Council, as the City faced being ceased as a local govt entity. Ms Caroline Dunsire felt her ward should go to Melville, as opposed to Gosnells.  Here’s why.

CanningAccountability thought it was looking at an article whereby Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey stated that he had received many calls from City of Canning residents, anxious to be transferred to Melville under local govt reform:

These callers are very keen to join the City of Melville rather than the new Canning-Gosnells council. They believe their area could be very strong if they receive good governance and what they really want is political stability.”

However, what came next can only be considered economic snobbery at its worst.

Mrs Caroline Dunsire, spokeswoman for the Rossmoyne Riverton Ratepayers Association (RRRA), hiding under the comment that the aforementioned suburbs were cut off from the rest of Canning and could benefit from being part of Melville, stated:

If you could lift the roofs off houses in Rossmoyne, Shelley and Riverton and compare them to homes in Bull Creek, Leeming and Mount Pleasant, you’d find it hard to tell the difference, they would be very much the same.  I don’t believe that is the case with homes in Gosnells”

We understand the RRRA only has enough members to fill a telephone booth at the best of times, and quite frankly, with commentary like that, we are not surprised.


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