Views huge, CEO not happy with us… Great!

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We’re on fire at up to 1,000 views a week!

Nope, doesn’t appear to be related to the “other” Canning, the by-election we’re told could be a “game changer” at the federal level.

Our viewers are clicking on links that kick in only after the purpose of the article is made clear (at READ MORE)… and the number of viewers is less than the actual no. of views.  Those that are coming on are reading up to 16 articles at a time.

They are clearly reading with purpose and for that we are grateful because the truth, or at least the whole truth, is not always out there… ….and Canning’s CEO, Lyn Russell, doesn’t like this blog for taking that view about what has being going on at the City since democratic governance was removed.

Back in July, Ms Russell informed CanningAccountability thus*:

Over the past 2 years we have always answered your numerous emails and allegations with patience and courtesy.  Unfortunately, our genuine answers have often been used selectively by yourself to speculate, criticise and accuse, for reasons best known to yourself.  Due to pressure of work as we move towards the return to democracy at Canning, we will not be in a position to respond in detail to your constant demands for information.  However, I am always pleased to reply in general terms.

Ms Russell reiterated that email to us yesterday for the craziest of reasons.  We asked Qs about the “PA” to the Stars (our soon to return Council).

  1. Is this Personal Assistant’s role to provide clerical, secretarial, researching, apt booking, call fielding, production of correspondence to the Council?
  2. Is it a full-time or part-time role (there are 11 members on a Canning Council)
  3. Will this role change once the Commissioners have gone?

That’s about it – basically a job description furnishing and a yay or nay on Q3, but apparently that can’t be accommodated.

It is a valid question – inadequate support of councillors has been an issue in the past – well, imagine how supported the new Council would be with arrangements like the above?

Heck, we  won’t even know if there will be an office for the Mayor at this rate – the CEO has increased stuff numbers and costs so much, we are now having to pack staff in to shopping centres!  Attempting to house this now bloated staff load will cost ratepayers millions as it is.

And given Ms Russell first said the administration was busy preparing the City for the return of a Council on 7 July – exactly what needs so much preparation the staff are maxed out on it still?

Given the interest of our viewers, we seem to be shining lights in many of the right kinds of areas, and will continue to do so.  It’s in all our best interests our local government area doesn’t come under scrutiny again.

*For the record Ms Russell has frequently responded to our emails, which we appreciated.  We felt, however, those responses were often selectively provided and that more questions were being asked than adequately answered.

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