Melville expresses support for Roe 8 to business community

We’ve been surprised at the show of support for Roe 8 from our area of the world, most frequently in letters to The Canning Times.

The City of Melville supports the extension of Roe Highway, and recently addressed the business community to explain its rationale, arguing “With the road network already in crisis and current truck levels on Leach Highway estimated to increase 75% by 2021, and 110% by 2031… Roe 8… [is] the only viable solution to solve the serious road safety and congestion problems”.

Images and information obtained from “Roe 8 – The Melville Bypass”, City of Melville


3 thoughts on “Melville expresses support for Roe 8 to business community

  1. Following contact from Damien Flynn from the alliancing behind Re-Think the Link (Roe 8) overnight, the following commentary to Melville’s support for Roe 8 is offered up:

    “I am aware of the City of Melville’s belief that the Perth Freight Link will alleviate truck traffic along Leach Highway- however an historical spill rate of about 37% off tollways will ensure much more container traffic along Leach highway when container traffic will increase to over 13,000 trucks a day by 2050. Russell Aubrey has his head in the sand not recognizing this. His attitude seems to be “bugger the neighbours- not in my backyard thanks!” The impact in time on Melville will be considerable for the same reasons as the impacts on Cockburn, Fremantle, East Fremantle and indeed parts of Melville.

    Check out the City of Kwinana’s proposed plan for the outer harbour development as a practical alternative.”


  2. Following contact by email from the Mitchell Family, we post their views on Roe 8:

    I am coming to the belief that you really do not know the history/politics of the area. No in the know would be surprised by Melville’s support.

    Roe 8 has been a project that should have always been on the cards.

    If not for the sabotage by the Greens/Labour and certain members of Fremantle Council, Roe 8 and the extension onto Stirling Bridge should have been completed by now.

    Alana has a lot to answer for by selling the land that had been collected over many years to allow Stirling Bridge connection to the ring freight road. (Good to see that a tunnel option under this area is now under consideration)

    Melville and many other Councils understood the need for connection of Fremantle harbour to the Ring Freight Road (Roe Highway) instead of Leach Highway etc.
    (The supposed damage that Roe 8 would cause to the wetlands was exaggerated at the time (and still is) when everyone knows that Services (Power Lines) and service road already use most of the planned Roe 8 route).

    The reaction by Council reps and others affected by the route, who were invited to a launch at Riverton Leisureplex when the makeup of a committee to investigate options was announced, was a clear indication that many were against the Labour Governments interference in the Roe Stage 8.

    The Mitchell Family

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    1. Hi Mitchell Family

      ReThink the Link has put together a lot of information for people to consider. We thought it reasonable to allow interested viewers (and there have been a lot – over 1000 of this blog, not seemingly related to the Canning by-election, but linking to actual stories on the blog, in the last four days) to seek information from both sides.


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