New Council will need to grow a set…. (Mike Nahan)

Well, we think that’s more or less what MP for Riverton, Mike Nahan, said this week.

Nahan’s concern about the City of Canning, particularly the behaviour of the administration under CEO Lyn Russell, isn’t going away any time soon.

Nor will the Premier’s threat:  Local govt?  On notice.  Right now.

And if the long-term view of William Bowe, The Poll Bludger, is anything to go by (the Barnett Govt will win a third term), then Canning may again come under scrutiny – new Council or not.

So, here are Mr Nahan’s concerns, which he is seeking to alert the new Council to:

City deteriorated CanningAccountability Mike Nahan ad warning no 5

Questionable decisions made

Now has serious financial probs

Operating deficits

More rates’ shocks to come

Not currently sustainable

Task not easy






Advertisement appears in Canning Times, Tuesday 25 August 2015, pg 9.







4 thoughts on “New Council will need to grow a set…. (Mike Nahan)

  1. Mike Nahan is wrong
    Canning is still one of the lowest rating councils in Perth.
    While it does have some serious financial issues that need reining in and has made some unpalatable rate increases it is simply not correct to say that it is ‘no longer the case’ that Canning is one of the lowest rating councils.


  2. This comment was sent in to CanningAccountability as an email:

    Well, can you believe the staff and Commissioners are now being blamed! The Commissioners can be thanked for presenting the real state of the Council to the ratepayers. (What other Council can brag that their rates don’t cover their wage bill)
    The Councillors, and Mayor (The Board) were sacked, not the staff.
    Although, the Commissioners can be questioned as to why they have allowed the same conditions that prevailed before the Councillors were sacked to be put in place again.
    That is, the reintroduction of Wards and Mayor elected by the people instead of by their peers (other Councillors). I believe it is proven that Cities with Mayors who are accountable to Councillors have less troubles.
    And with no wards every Councillor is accountable to every elector equally.
    The Council structure is an accident waiting to happen, again, for the ratepayers of Canning.
    The Commissioners missed a great opportunity to set Canning on a different, and right, path and as we have seen the Local Government Department is completely inadequate in correcting problems such as Canning’s (How many times have they tried with Canning).
    Canning’s results will be watched with interest (and also hoping failed Labour/Libs/Greens/etc candidates of State elections do not get a foothold).
    Everyone is holding their breath that Local Government, and Canning, can end up winners instead of losers.

    Mitchell Family


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