Canning’s Adults-only Burger (on news, on fire!)

Johnny Wong
Find Johnny Wong here AND the Demon’s Revenge Burger and Burgerzilla challenge. Photo: Facebook

Get ready Perth!  City of Canning is back and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

In the news today is Johnny’s Burger’s 5-alarm, ring-ding, call-an-ambulance DEMON’S REVENGE BURGER.

Comes with a legal waiver…

8,700 shares on FB  from this article in WAToday alone!

Mix 94.5 did it the hard way live to camera:

Mix 94.5
Never gonna die….  Source:  Johnny’s Burgers FaceBook

Come on down to Canning Vale and try it… if you think you can handle it….

Thank you to Reporter Ray Sparvell and WAToday for nailing it with the title they used in their article on Johnny's Burgers, partially re-used in this post.
Ray and WAToday's original article published here under the title "Canning Vale adults-only burger comes with a health warning and a legal waiver" 12/5/16