Ugly politics again at City of Canning

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UPDATE: Blog analytics show a lot of interest in Ayse Martli from search engines, one request for Mr Lanza, none for Jesse Jacobs.

The above came out today in The Weekend West – revelation of an issue between two candidates running for election as councillors in Mason Ward.

This info is just going out now – the incident was two weeks ago – and the article poses more Qs than it answers, but sorting out what happened is a job for the Magistrate’s Court next week.

The reason we’ve raised it is because the problem of political affiliations amongst those bidding to run Perth’s 9th largest council continues to fester.

At the rate we’re going we may end up with the political polarisation of council decisions, not unlike what was reported of the City of Belmont’s council last year… and yes, it does have operational consequences.

Tiny article, big implications, please consider reading HERE

As for what happened two weeks ago, what we do know is that Frank (Franco) Lanza is most assuredly a member of the WA Labor party, and in receipt of their resources to secure a place on our council.

And we know that Jesse Jacobs, a mayoral candidate copying Liberal Party colours very closely for his campaign (while only admitting “well, its blue”) has just uploaded a photograph of himself with what looks like the lovely Ms Martli on his campaign FaceBook.  Several hours later The West Australian ran the above story.

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