Govts dither – Resident/Ratepayer Groups align

As filmed by WestTV Perth in Canning recently (below)

Talks have begun between residents and ratepayers groups across Perth to canvass the possibility of a strategic alliance that will address planning issues.

Under the Barnett Govt powerful new planning approval processes are seen as increasingly intractable, giving the appearance of democracy but in reality limiting public and council input.

In Bentley a new concern is emerging.

Thousands of homes are set to be built under the control of the Dept for Housing.  Able to deem their developments “public works”, this appears to remove them from normal planning approval, oversight and appeals processes, even though many of the properties will be sold on the open market.

For further information refer to the Quattro Community Residents Association Inc website and its recent front page story

If interested in linking in to alliance possibilities, pls see contacts in video below.

Highlights of the meeting of resident and ratepayers groups: