Barristers ready to start 2nd inquiry in to Canning

Inquiry (Photo credit: Marco Buonvino) CC NC Flickr

With thanks to Canning Examiner, we have an update on the 2nd inquiry in to the City of Canning HERE
(see page 2).

It is not yet known if hearings will be open to the public, but several councillors and the Mayor have always called for this.

One thought on “Barristers ready to start 2nd inquiry in to Canning

  1. Thank you to the Examiner for keeping us informed. A letter I wrote to the Premier, thus passed onto the new Minister for Local Government, Hon Tony Simpson, seeking information as to what was happening with the Inquiry Panel, as it affects me directly, being one of the suspended Councillors, the response I recieved states, quote “The DLG has been advised by a member of Dr Kendalls staff that it is anticipated that in the next 7 to 10 days he will be releasing information to the public via a media release. As such, I suggest you await the media release from the Dr Kendall which which will include the information you seek”. (Errors included!). Addressed to Cr Megan O’Donnell….myself.
    As stated above, this concerns me directly, that I have to wait and read what is happening about my future in the press is astounding to say the least. Its also astounding that the staff at the City of Canning and the Commissioner know what is going on and not the Councillors. So thanks again to the journalist, Andrea Downey, for keeping me informed.


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