2nd Inquiry coming: hands up who wants to be protected from the truth again!

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Does anyone really believe just 11 men and women were “the problem” at City of Canning?

Well, until the Department of Local Government, at the direction of the next Minister for Local Government finally releases the Canning Councillors’ full answers to questions about why they acted the way they did, we cannot trust a Liberal government’s utterings about our welfare:-

“The findings of the inquiry are of significant
concern to me and my priority is to ensure the City of Canning and its administration is acting in the best interests of its community.”
The Hon. John Castrilli
Minister for Local Government

Shouldn’t that start with treating Canning residents and business owners/operators as competent adults?

The 2nd inquiry in to City of Canning must be fully open and accountable to the residents and stakeholders of Canning.


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Over 80 clearly intelligent and thoughtful people already have signed the petition:-

“Accountability is vital as is openness and transparency when conducting this inquiry”

“To voice my opinion I want the opportunity to know all the facts”

“All Australian citizens have the right to defend themselves against the accusation of others. Why is it that the Canning Mayor and Councillors, 
who have for years given their time freely for the governance of our City, have to date been denied this right?”

“No ‘star chambers’ in WA please- let the public and City of Canning residents know what in the hell is going on”

“This should not be rocket science and we should not have to be petitioning for what already should be in place – openness and accountability – visibility and everything on the table is an undeniable immutable balance and check. It was Plato who said that if we do not engage with our ‘politicians’ we risk being governed by the ‘dumb'”

2 thoughts on “2nd Inquiry coming: hands up who wants to be protected from the truth again!

  1. The evidence I have located of behaviour since 27 Nov 2012 defies normal, plus, the issues now surfacing with events which led to the issue with WSC, if this was in private business, the Execs would be on a holiday, at place like Hakea etc, as guests of the Governor


  2. Hello John
    Re Willetton Sports Club – $1m + $1m (Liberal Govt, if returned, the rest theoretically from the City) would only keep a tired old building plodding along. There are also higher leasing fees to consider. Canning has apparently been carrying several organisations for quite some time at heavily discounted rates or in terms of waived debt. Surely an improved building’s lease return should reflect better value for ratepayer money? All in all, though, isn’t this sporting facility worth more than a patch up job? As John Worsfold said today, re Burswood or Kitchener Park for the new stadium, it is better to plan for what we want to do for the future


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