Greens slam Labor decision to close RRRC

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Green Elephants Garden Sculptures (Photo credit: CC AO Flickr

My constituents have supported this Centre from day one as a sensible, sustainable waste solution. The processing problems are not insurmountable. We clearly don’t want the RRRC replaced by landfill or incineration,” stated Ms MacLaren.

Mr Chapple went on to say, “This is blatant and dirty electioneering and is based on scant solid evidence. Frankly, despite this obvious Opposition plan to win votes in a marginal seat, the Labor party will likely find itself disappointed. Most of the ‘complaints’ about the RRRC have come from a very small but persistent minority, and are scarcely likely to make a massive difference to voting preferences in the region.”

I would be interested to know of any communications those affected by the odour from the RRRC have had with Lynne MacLaren, given her constituency area covers parts of the Cities of Canning and Melville.

There has been increasing attention paid to re-siting facilities no longer suitable within urbanised environments across Perth, yet that are successfully performing their role otherwise.

The RRRC, on the other hand, is unable to meet requirements to remain operational in built up areas.

Is it so hard to move the debate to one of where the plant could be located to?

Move it or lose it.