Blog now as threatened as city councillors?

CanningAccountability image THREAT version 2 to Diana by text Tues 5 July 2016

Is this the latest cheap disposable sim card threat sent to someone asking questions about something in the City of Canning someone else doesn’t want asked?

Just how much of this is out there?

Canning Councillors received a text threat relating to the Willetton Basketball Association (WBA) stadium funding bid they were due to vote on last month.  That apparently was made by a cheap disposable sim card and therefore untraceable.

Not the text message received by this blog tonight – it has a record of existing on an Australian network.  Let’s hope the person behind it didn’t nick grandma’s phone to send the text, because the threat is being reported to the police.

So, could it be from the same person who threatened the councillors, the one who associated themselves with the WBA?  Certainly this blog asks a lot of Qs about why the ratepayers look like having to pay for a stadium the WBA seems to have trouble compiling the numbers on, any which way you look at it.

Well, the text I received is modelled on the nasty councillor one – see how it too has a cute “whoopsie” typo?

Councillor text:  If you decides not to support…

Text to this blog:  We have no issue with exsposing you….

Little obvious, don’t you think?

So who knows who really sent it or why – could just be a cheap copy cat.