Backlash to “green” Freo Council growing

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The City of Fremantle’s council may have as many as five members of the Greens on board from October’s local govt elections.

Several existing councillors have long associations with Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute.

Yet “green” and “sustainability” don’t mean much any more – balance, more importantly equitable outcomes, is hard to achieve, and depend upon bringing the public along with you (that’s if your belief of what is “right” is what’s “right” for everyone else) and in Freo’s case is starting to drive people and business mad….

Extracted in whole, including image, from Fremantle Reform : Fremantle Hacked, Don’t Drink the Coolaid

Fremantle’s Council Doctrine Killing the Aussie Lifestyle, Dream & Future:

Its back, Fremantle councils lifestyle doctrine, telling Fremantle Residents and Rate Payers

  • How they will live
  • No Choice for you
  • Destroying your asset value and future retirement and that of your families future
  • What size house you can have
  • How many can be in your family
  • How much of your block you can build on
  • How many trees you must have
  • Dictating what your biggest asset may be worth in the future
  • How many cars you can have
  • No you can’t have a boat at your house
  • Families needing work cars: plumbers, electricians, builders, landscapers, food vans, carpenters, plasterers, painters, etc, clearly Fremantle does not want the small or family business person living in Fremantle, as they don’t allow space for trade vehicles.
  • It’s a case of you not being allowed to build what you want anymore in the City of Fremantle, at least if City Ward Councillor Rachael Pemberton gets her way. Anyone who owns or buys property in Fremantle will now be mandated to build what the council wants despite it being completely contradictory to your wishes and typical WA housing standards.
  • Sounds a but like old USSR, standard state house, standard bike, everyone doing the same, well we know how that worked out. Same in China – all the government control of the daily lives of its citizens just leads to unrest, unhappy people, resentment, revolt, its only bad news and lots of miserable people.

Roll that out with their anti-car policy called a parking policy where they intend to limit verge and roadside parking in the outer suburbs to 4 hours, add that to the one car policy for your home, means they intend to limit your family to one car.

Check out the WEST TV’s interview featuring Mark Woodcock, Fremantle Residents & Ratepayers Assoc last year:

It’s all bad news for property owners, anyone planning to subdivide a block, as these new policies will hit the value of your properties, with all the restrictions that will be placed on them, people would rather choose another suburb to buy in, wouldn’t you?

If someone wants to build a small house or cottage then go ahead I’m all for people having a choice but to then make policy/law  limiting the size of house, people or limiting the number of cars you can keep on your property is ridiculous, we have enough restrictions as it, the biggest concern when building a new house in an existing suburb is its impact on existing residents.

So, people of Fremantle, its quite clear that our council is driven by the Green political agenda and NOT you the residents’ best interests or amenity, just be quiet and do as you are told. Is this the council’s idea of representation, I wonder how many people in the city ward feel this is reflective of what they expect from their representative?

Ban plastic bags, no encouragement to use a better product just another ban, pointless if it’s just Fremantle

Ban balloons

Ban Cars

Ban roads

Ban small business people who need cars, utes, vans etc.

Now its ban a family home and restrict how you can live.

So kids – if you are looking forward to getting a car when you are old enough this council does not want you as a resident, as they only want one car per house.

Extracted in whole, including image, from Fremantle Reform : Fremantle Hacked, Don’t Drink the Coolaid

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