Ambitious Lib runs for Canning Mayor

UPDATE:  Jesse Jacobs refusing to CATEGORICALLY RULE OUT NOW running for state or federal parliament in his FIRST TERM, if he becomes Mayor of Canning, as a sign of his commitment to the community in this campaign and to the stability of its first democratic council in three years.  State Election is only 17 months later.

Oops!  Seems Jesse Jacobs may have burst too quickly out of the starting box in the race for Mayor  – its been brought to attention his advertisement does not contain any “authorised by” or “printed by” details, which may be in breach of the Local Govt Act.  

And they’re off!  

Months ahead of other contenders, Jesse Jacobs announces his bid for Canning Mayor.

Jesse gave Cannington MP Bill Johnston a serious run for his money at the 2013 State election….. next we heard Jesse had scraped the “…ton” off his car’s back window election decal to leave it at “Your Member for Canning”.

Now he’s back and running for Mayor of the soon to be returned to democratic governance City of Canning.  His number one goal?  Keep rates down!

If the state election is anything to go by, money is no object for Jesse.

Jesse, son of Graham Jacobs, Member for Eyre, announced his candidacy in a full page colour ad in this week’s Canning Examiner  – – – just one prob – – there’s no contact details?

Where are you, Jesse?  We’d love to talk to you and ALL other Mayoral candidates.

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Advertisement from Canning Examiner 29 July 2015, page 15


5 thoughts on “Ambitious Lib runs for Canning Mayor

  1. Typical Liberal Party hack who can’t even comply with the advertising regulations. Not surprised given Jesse’s abrasive personality. Don’t like the bloke and I hope a candidate without political allegiances gets elected.


    1. Welcome Terrence!

      Yes “party political” this election does look like being, one way or another. Let us know if you have any questions you’d like asked of the mayoral candidates and we’ll put it to them.


  2. Have you seen his latest “buy a vote” flashing sign. I am horrified that a candidate (failed Liberal Party candidate at that) does not see his campaign as “immoral”. I just hope the voting residents do! I also wonder about his disclosure of gifts as he would have spent upwards of $50,000 to try and buy his way into the Mayoral position. Shameful ……


    1. Yes, its almost as though Jesse Jacobs is “spending” his first year’s mayoral allowance – the Mayor’s position will receive circa $500,000 in fees/allowances in first term (4 years). Its a gamble for him, and us. Jacobs has not yet been asked publicly if he will categorically rule out running again for the state seat of Cannington in March 2017. Do you have a photo of the flashing sign, Terri? We’d love to feature it (bit hard for Jesse to put “authorised by” on that one)!


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