Premier: 1st priority for new rail Canning Vale!

Canning Vale Spur Line The West Australian Ask the Premier 6 July 2015


Colin Barnett was interviewed at length about public transport projects, Perth Freight Link, toll roads, Uber etc in Ask The Premier today.  As relates to extending the Thornlie Spur through Canning Vale to Mandurah rail line, he advised the following:-

…we can really only undertake one or two big public transport projects at a time…50 year planning is probably unrealistic…. the immediate challenge is to bring the transport and land use planning together… I think transport planning probably needs to be (looking to) 15 years out…The rail line through Forrestfield and the airport, sinking the rail line through Perth, the extension of this (Joondalup) line, the extension of the line through Cannington, all of those I think we need to prioritise in order.

One line I think that is important is a fairly small extension through to Canning Vale. That’s a heavy area of employment, built up residential areas, so the demand is greater there…. I think that is a priority. It’s a fairly small extension, only 4 or 5km I think. But it brings the rail service to a very large population growth area….. I think to extend that (spur) out to Canning Vale I think would be the no.1 short term priority.


Some say the new stadium at Burswood, for which transport infrastructure is under way, can’t work effectively without extending the Thornlie spur line to the Mandurah rail line.

Sounds good to us – unless WA Labor doesn’t see it that way if it gets in to government?  Nah….

*Image courtesy of The West Australian, as broadcast over Yahoo, 6 July 2015


2 thoughts on “Premier: 1st priority for new rail Canning Vale!

  1. On one hand we have the Premier saying Canning Vale (is) “a heavy area of employment, built up residential areas, so the demand is greater there…” for a future railway line, which should be built before a tens of millions of dollars train station that will only get used on “game days” quote Mr Nalder, to “a flight path that maximises the non residential land around Jandakot airport.”, ie Canning Vale and the many new estates and suburbs, as Airservices Australia wants to change the flight path so that residents in Mosman Park, Rossmoyne and Shelly don’t get too much noise.
    I am wondering which one we are, built up residential or non-residential, because if you look at a map, the non residential land Airservices Australia may be referring to looks to be mostly the Jandakot Regional airport and the Jandakot Regional Park, where the aircraft will be at a higher altitude, thus with less noise. Jandakot website “Jandakot airport is the major general aviation airport in WA and is one of the busiest airfields and largest pilot training bases in Australia.”


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