Update on Commissioner’s dismissal: Premier speaks

CanningAccountability image for premier update on reynolds dismissal


In the last 48 hours a belief flared up that Linton Reynolds was dismissed as Commissioner at the City of Canning because he spoke out against reform.

The reality is that, as a Commissioner, Mr Reynolds was largely unknown outside of Canning, and almost entirely unreported upon by major media – and certainly as related to his views on local govt reform..

Today, on 6PR, Premier Barnett revealed why Linton Reynolds was stood down, without notice, effective virtually immediately.

6PR announcer Gary Adshead’s request for clarification on the dismissal of former Commissioner Reynolds is to be found at 8 mins, 30 secs in HERE

Whether we agree with Local Govt Reform or not, Mr Reynolds’ business decisions, as Commissioner, were rightfully subject to scrutiny and had become concerning.

In the second half of the Premier’s segment, Margaret, a caller from Canning, expressed the pent-up frustration many residents feel at not having their own voice throughout reform, and for the last two years.

Again, Mr Reynolds could have addressed this by instituting an Advisory Panel of Community Members, as other Commissioners have done, or as a lesser option prioritized a community engagement/consultation policy – which was not produced until 19 months in to Mr Reynolds’ term.

Our thanks to 6PR’s team of producers and presenters for the regular support they showed the people of Canning in interviews, questions to the Premier and links for our websites.
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