City of Canning Inquiry: Hearings to be held openly

Mr Christopher Kendall, the barrister retained to conduct the Inquiry into the City of Canning, has determined hearings will be conducted openly from June.

Inquiry Panel – City of Canning : Public Hearings

In what looks to be a very long due process, the first hearing will be held in Council Chambers, City of Canning, thereafter at Central Law Courts in the CBD.

It is possible extensions of time could be sought for this inquiry, as has occurred in the past (see reports of inquiries conducted in to Cities of Joondalup, South Perth and Cockburn here).

If the Council is ultimately dismissed, it may be months before new Council elections are convened especially for the City of Canning.

Residents will lack for democratically elected Councillors to represent their interests in budget planning, service provision, council amalgamation and planning matters, for up to two years.

Unlike earlier inquiries, Canning has only been appointed one Commissioner to ensure appropriate governance of a local government area with over 90,000 residents.

One thought on “City of Canning Inquiry: Hearings to be held openly

  1. Finally there is some news of the second inquiry!
    Abeit I had to read about it via a media release, which I still find astounding and disappointing, as this affects me as one of the suspended Councillors not to be afforded communication directly from the Panel. So again thankyou to Canning Accountability and the local newspapers for keeping me informed.
    Being suspended, the inquiries and the frustrations over trying to be heard, there is still something within me that wants to get past this and get back into my role as a Councillor for the City of Canning. It is a role that I cherish, to be able to help my community to the best ability that I can. The ability to work with the City has already been very rewarding, yet short lived. I hope that the Inquiry Panel is quick and effective so that I (we) can get our lives back and return to the positions that we were elected for, that being the voice for the community, residents and ratepayers.


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