CanningAccountability in The West Australian: which party will deliver on public transport?

AutoTrams instead of rail?  StreetCar RTV Copyright © Wrightbus
AutoTrams instead of rail? StreetCar RTV Copyright © Wrightbus

Opinion Piece: Transport Strategy key to successful growth 5 Feb 2013 West Australian

In 2008 I commenced the light rail project The Knowledge Arc. 

Designed to operate 24 hours a day, it would underpin Curtin and the University of WA’s plans to elevate in to the top 200 educational institutions in the world.

Today, a Knowledge Arc-like proposal is included in the first WA State Govt Public Transport Masterplan to feature light rail.

Yes, rail can be very sexy!

However…. the work I and others did on behalf of people with disabilities, to ensure their right to receive taxi services in the same time frame as others, languishes, six years on – unresolved at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

For many, this is their only alternative to coping with buses and trains.

Transporting millions isn’t actually about flashy projects, but a range of measures that allow people to choose the level of interaction that best suits.

It is also increasingly about finding the money to pay for it all!

It costs $1.1 billion to run the Public Transport Authority annually, but only $180 million is received back in fares.

The level of subsidy increases with each new bus route, every kilometre of rail built, parking bay added, employee hired.

Sweeping promises are being made about public transport as we head towards the state election.  The linked Opinion Piece is my view of what will most likely work for the future.

Opinion Piece “Transport strategy key to successful growth” appeared in
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