Confirmed: we will pay millions

faceless (Photo credit: HaPe_Gera) CC Attribution Only Flickr

The Barnett Govt’s excessive focus only on City of Canning is beginning to be questioned:

Why is Canning subjected to multiple inquiries when other suspended councils aren’t?

Why are we forced to pay millions for these investigations?

Why are the inquiries kept closed?

Why is the Barnett Govt acting in a way designed to keep REAL representatives of the people out for up to 2 years?

Will the people of Canning be stopped from voting in a new council in October ?

It is looking more and more like the Barnett Govt has another agenda on its mind, and that is very likely to be using control of one of the largest metropolitan councils to begin the process of amalgamating local governments.

Will we just sit there and let it happen?

CanningAccountability will be focussing very much on this issue for 2013.