Ouch! Castrilli hits Canning’s bank accounts!

Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013) CC ShareAlike Flickr

Yep, by the time the seemingly endless process of inquiries in to Canning is over, ratepayers’ monies will be the worse for it.

Minister for Local Govt, John Castrilli, has today announced a second inquiry, complete with Barrister oversight, the powers of a Royal Commission and a 12 month time frame.

In a situation getting more dramatic by the minute, unless the Barrister recommends charges against Councillors, dismissing them with a flourish won’t change much (just our bank balance) – they can simply renominate for Council.

As for “fixing the problems” at Canning, well, the Commissioner and the Barrister will be long gone, and if we amalgamate councils, it is likely Councillors and presumably city employee positions will be spilled, as new administrations are formed.

Rather a pointless exercise then, these increasingly expensive inquiries.

Try the option offered to other Councils first, Minister – suspension for six months, with governance training.