Tim Porter – Nicholson Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

What has sitting Nicholson Ward Cllr Tim Porter actually done on Council?  Echo…

Porter is the most oft reported person I’m aware of that residents say “I left  a message but he never called back” about.  That’s just for starters.

Porter doesn’t seem to do much at all.  Let’s do the numbers:

  • Didn’t show up for the Meet Your Candidate event the City held in 2015 when Canning was released from state govt control and its first council in years was cleared to be elected
  • Couldn’t be bothered turning up for the tour of Canning’s Aged Care facilities before Council made what the Mayor called “one of its biggest decisions” – about services we provide for our elders and betters, and the Mayor publicly castigated the councillors who failed the community that day (I believe Porter just bleated that he turned up for briefings otherwise – bit like viewing life through a screen)
  • Promised he’d work to bring affordable housing to Canning.  Nope.  Wasn’t even the one who put up a motion to investigate it.
  • Rabbited on about wanting efficiencies, which the City had already enacted to the tune of millions before Porter even got there – like, in the immediate period before he got there.
  • Calls himself a solution-oriented person.  Again, what has he actually done whilst on Council?
  • To my knowledge Porter’s only public call to action to date has been to ask the City to investigate the potential for miniature pigs to be kept as pets.  Not sure how critical an issue that is, with all our other problems but just before Porter “respectfully” asked you to return him as Councillor, this is how he spent his time on Council, from what I can see.

Outstanding stuff.

What does Porter do about scrutiny like mine?  He sulks.  Bans from his virtually non-existent Facebook, doesn’t respond to emails, won’t acknowledge with read receipts.

Further – and Cllr Porter, when you are paid to represent a ward this does matter – Porter is believed to still not have moved to Nicholson Ward.  If you don’t live there, you can’t *know* the place, period.  Dead giveaway:  when Canning Times asks you where you reside and you say “Canning”.  No such suburb, no such ward.

In two years on Council Porter has raked in circa $60,000 in fees – I know moving is expensive, but….

Unfortunately Nicholson Ward is not represented by anyone who lives there.  Its other sitting councillor, Margaret Hall, lives on the other side of Canning in Mason Ward, and is currently attempting to get both her husband and son on to council.  See Michael (Mike) Hill – Beeloo Ward and Robert Van Der Reest – Mason Ward profiles.

So, no councillors who live in Nicholson Ward, do much that’s obvious for Nicholson Ward, or submit ANY motions relating to Nicholson Ward and yet one is now attempting a family voting bloc on council – none of which live in Nicholson Ward.

Porter’s claims, promises, good guy statements in his election spiel and Canning Times’ write-ups below  –  well, first, in my view, he’d have to prove he amounted to any of it

He’s had two years.  Time for a change, Nicholson?

Porter as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE