Sherry Ai Hong Sun – Nicholson Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I can’t take this woman’s bid for Council seriously, here’s why:-

  • I believe Ms Sun is current Mason Ward councillor Jesse Jacobs’ partner and this is just vote splitting – a crude attempt to bleed votes away from other candidates, just as Jacobs’ mate, Cllr Margaret Hall is involved in with her husband and son  running for Council.
  • I don’t believe Sun lives in Nicholson Ward (she claims Canning Vale), but miles away in East Cannington, with Jacobs
  • And a woman who promises to “make sure I answer my phone and email for you the ratepayer” provides NO PHONE NUMBER, DOESN’T ANSWER EMAILS, HAS NO SOCIAL MEDIA.

Sun doesn’t respond to Qs, period, in my direct experience.

Cllr Jacobs is an exceptionally poor performer at the best of times – don’t be fooled by more recent motions to Council re aircraft noise.  If I had to guess I’d say Jacobs was getting this level of sophistication from elsewhere – possible Steve Irons, Fed Member for Swan who has long championed aircraft noise issues and who Jacobs ran around putting signs up for during Iron’s election campaign. 

If, as I suspect, Ms Sun is Jacobs’ partner (and neither she nor Jacobs will respond to requests for confirmation either way) then the naive rubbish, in my view, that Ms Sun spruiks in her campaign material is pretty much in keeping with Jacobs generally:  populist, and designed to pander to the lowest common denominator, ie:

  • Think we need more robust representation in Nicholson ward?
  • Would you like a representative that you can actually contact?


  • Will move to freeze rate rises
  • Make sure I go to every single meeting of Council


  • I will work tirelessly to keep rate rises down, increase council efficiency and most important of all make Canning do more with your rate dollar


Oh, and on the issue of Ms Sun’s concerns over Canning’s CEO’s “over pay”, Cllr Jesse Jacobs is on the CEO review panel and just gave Arthur Kyron a Qantas Lounge Membership – he’s travelled once interstate – and an extra week’s paid leave.  As for being appalled at what Councillors get paid, I haven’t noticed Ms Sun saying she will do the job for nothing!

Nicholson ward, you have my sympathies for what you are forced to endure!

Ms Sun?  You are of course at liberty to correct my assumptions following attempts to contact you, but first you’d have to make yourself available.

Sun as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE