Sara Saberi – Beeloo Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I’ve come to realise the number of Likes on a councillor or council nominee’s Facebook isn’t necessarily an indicator of engagement by the people who live in that local govt area.  Sara Saberi’s Likes smack more of people she knows from other parts of her life, so let’s just take a closer look at the book’s contents.

The first thing to be said is Saberi is a screaming hypocrite in my view.  Blithering on about undue influences (developers), how councils can contribute to good health (including mental) and, of course, respectful communities….  My experience with Saberi is she didn’t like being asked if she were a member of WA Labor and acted to make sure others couldn’t see it.  When asked to restore it she went on to say she wouldn’t respond to my Qs on her book anymore.

Then she said she was quite open about her Labor membership.  I must have missed that, but I didn’t miss seeing WA Labor’s big benefit to council nominees who are paid up members: a great big email-out to its entire membership to alert them to party members running for council in their area…

So here it is, Ms Saberi – if you plan to take home over 100K in Council sitting fees over a four-year term, if you feel you are the right person to ‘govern’ over 100,000 people, and especially if you seek to portray yourself as a Feel Good and At One with Nature Kinda Person then woman up and remember you seek to represent us and therefore should let us know whose values you share, including politically, not tell us we can’t besmirch your R U OK Day post with horrible realities like R U A MEMBER OF A POLITICAL PARTY?

As the public finds out how many more political party members want to join our Council its enough to depress everyone, anyway!

Moving on.


I was a student at the schools of sustainability, I’m the woman who launched the Knowledge Arc light rail project as an independent study project at Murdoch University and like Saberi do my bit – but in the end sustainability comes down to this:  “We can’t have sustainability until we agree to let go of what we have”.  Ref: Professor Dora Marinova, Curtin University Sustainability Policy unit.

It comes down to individual responsibility.  For instance, Beeloo Councillor Christine Cunningham, a Green and a person who in my view is using Canning Council to boost her thrice failed chances of getting in to Parliament, would like to see more people use public transport, walk or cycle to get to work.  

Repeatedly, this university lecturer, ie, she works at a destination known as a mega trip generator which means there are quite a few ways to get to it, refuses to respond to my Q:  how do you get to work? Bus? Bus/Train? Or Car?  

As for what more Canning Council can do to address its own contributions to saving the planet it’s a pity Bannister candidate Kevin Drake took down a post I responded to about “Climate Emergency Declaration”.  It listed how much the previous council, current council and administration is doing to take more responsibility, with the exception of prioritising our desperately low tree canopy and maybe preserving more of our existing naturalised areas, which COUNCIL approve development on – not we, the community necessarily.  

So my hope is Ms Saberi will buck up in quite a few ways, because we finally need to start paying attention to what is unsustainable now:  our Council, the City staff, can’t keep on saying we can’t do much in the affordable housing space.  Heck, no-one seems to care that hundreds of low-income elderly people in public housing blocks in Bentley have been shipped out.  Canning can be more than what is, says Ms Saberi – well, for the longest time Canning was a place where those with less could have more.  That time is quickly leaving us.

As for Ms Saberi, my sense is that she is already campaigning for Parliament, even if she doesn’t know it yet.  

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