Sally Green – Beeloo Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I’d vote for this woman.  I sense real strength, self-sufficiency, resiliency and yet humility here.  If it is the case I sincerely hope it doesn’t change if Ms Green gets on Council, because my observations are that once councillors come under the influence of staff their original belief systems change.

Which makes you think – who runs Canning really?

Back to Ms Green and my sense of her does not come from her Facebook – far too general, so I spoke with her directly.  I’ll get to that below.

First, let me note the unpleasant stuff that needs to be addressed if you talk Canning Council nowadays.  Cllr Ben Kunze is one half of the tag-team reps for Bannister Ward (his partner being Cllr Patrick Hall, currently up for re-election).  Kunze is trailing Likes through Ms Green’s campaign Facebook. Here’s why.  Originally a seemingly productive duo, Hall and Kunze’s stocks within Council seem to be falling.  I’ve seen both get worked up, petulant in recent times.  It seems they are getting on other councillors’ nerves (see Patrick Hall – Bannister’s profile).

Both have strong links to the Liberal Party, which seems all over the place in Canning and I think the community is becoming fed up with it.

Kunze’s employer, Member for Riverton Mike Nahan, has been an extremely polarising figure in our recent history.  He pushed for Canning to be investigated, then split up, then became appalled when his own govt’s appointed commissioners began chowing down on Canning’s money and staff wages shot up, and Kunze was there throughout it all.

As for Patrick Hall, his close family member works for the Lib Party’s fundraising machine.  Kunze, Hall, Hall’s wife, Kunze’s brother have been working the phones or Liking various council nominee’s Facebooks – none of which seem to be in areas where they live.  Both seem attracted to Sally Green, I don’t know why – Green considers herself an Independent, so I’m assuming what we are really seeing is a case of fading councillors seeking new blood infusions.

Edit:  And if this is the case, I’d say Sally Green is definitely viewed as the strongest candidate for Beeloo by existing councillors.

Now, back to Ms Green, she describes herself as highly organized and has a record of working in the social services sector.  If there is any area in our community forced to do a lot with a little its this one, so I’m interested in a councillor who genuinely understands the term ‘scarce resources’.

What I find particularly interesting is the work Ms Green does in prisons.  The struggles people face to turn their lives around when at this point are extraordinarily difficult and the fact Green relishes the challenge is something…new… in what passes for community concern and compassion on Council today.

Our Council is largely made up of white, middle-class, and at or close to middle-aged people who one might say have had a more fortunate life, certainly compared to how people today cannot secure employment, an affordable roof over their head, etc.  They struggle to achieve the basics, that which is supposed to underpin us all, in other words.

Have a look at this extract from Ms Green’s electoral material:

My expertise in working with complex clients, managing teams, education, networking and collaborating with services stands me in good stead when it comes to listening, being objective and making the often-needed difficult decisions. I’ve got the experience in business and community to bring people together, connect them to the City of Canning and empower them to contribute to the growth of Canning.

Basically, I’m interested to see what effect Green’s practicality-based ethos can bring to a local govt area that is more than multicultural, more than diverse, it is made up of people who represent vastly different incomes and chances for success in life – from the Curtin academics settled in to Willetton to the publicly housed and aged care facilitation of Bentley.

Our Council believes it makes difficult decisions today, but it’s inexperienced – and almost none of today’s elected members put any effort in the civic space before getting on Council, ie, founded ratepayer groups, asked Qs at council meetings, were involved in holding state govt appointed commissioners to account or seemed to care whether Canning was saved from being ceased as a govt entity or not, that I have found.  When our former council was dismissed it wiped years of knowledge.

Today, and in huge part because of the power the staff of Canning wielded during the period the City was under administration, our Council is encouraged to be “board members”, corporate councillors, rush out development when it isn’t necessary and that, frankly, has not been going well.

Sally Green seems to care a lot more about people than any other council nominee has expressed meaningfully in this campaign.  

Ms Green’s top three priorities if elected WOULD get my vote for hope for the future:-

  • Empowering residents to stand up and take responsibility for their community
  • Educating residents about the community in which they live
  • Making sure residents know that their voice matters

To end this profile, this is part of what Sally Green communicated to me as what she feels is needed to achieve her hopes for us…

There are of course many issues that affect people who live within the City of Canning. For all of these no matter how big or small we have to come back to basics and look at how we relate to people. The following points would serve everybody well

1. All consultation is clear and transparent
2. Communication is expressed in full – and is continuous
3. Care is taken to ensure everybody is treated with decency and respect

Council will need to have healthy and functioning relationships with each other while building this with the people whom they represent and the community of Canning will also have to look at our they play a part in the picture as well. The community has to want to be involved and interested in the whole of Canning and not just when a so- called issue pops up for them.

Why do I stand alone as an Independent?

I’m not looking to ‘stack’ the Local Government with like-minded people. I am opening myself up to be a part of the team chosen by the community. It’s not a numbers game but more a bringing together of the people who the community votes for.

What do I stand for?  (Pls note this is a partial list only – pls consider ringing Ms Green for more)

I want to see a solution to a proposed bus route [that will impinge on river habitat] that respects all the stakeholders in the local community – ongoing community consultation is needed here

I want to see a solution to the traffic congestion along Albany Highway.

I want to support Canning to reduce the incidents of harm related to alcohol use.

I want to make sure our ageing population is supported to stay engaged and be able to move around the community easily

Most of all I want to see you, the residents, supported and listened to about what you see the community needs. I know the responsibility and accountability I hold in stepping into this role and I will live this every day.

Green as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE