Rehman Virk – Mason Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

Mr Rehman Virk, overall, promises much the same as other council nominees, ie, passionate about helping people, bringing communities together, encourage community engagement – which, as we all know, are very hard things to do and a constant struggle for all levels of govt.

Virk makes particular reference to contributing to good governance and maintaining  the highest standard of conduct and ethics.  This, too, was promised to us by the current members of Council, in the wake of the second investigation in to the City of Canning which saw the City put under State Govt administration for three years, yet still our Council has not required the administration enact some of the most critical recommendations of those inquiries, amounting to ensuring solid record keeping of matters discussed behind closed doors at Canning  is available for future reference.

Mr Virk is the brother of Mohsin Virk, who ran as an Independent against Member for Cannington, Bill Johnston, and Cllr Jesse Jacobs (who was making his second, and most likely not his last) bid for Parliament in the March state election.

Virk as featured on postal voting papers HERE