Patrick Cheow – Nicholson Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I welcome Mr Cheow’s run for Canning as I do the efforts of all nominees who originally came from somewhere else and now call this great big council area home.  Census 2016 tells us that people from 185 countries make up Australia’s mix today… but as Canning residents we have that tendency to still vote in the ol’ white, middle-aged types.

Maybe it’s time to move on.

Nicholson’s on a run with this election – Mr Cheow, as with fellow nominee Kunal Malhotra, believes in giving back by working to empower others by applying his business expertise as a board member for not-for-profit organisations.

Cheow promises to keep rate rises to a minimum, but what our current Council views as “responsible” and what the previous Council chose to fund to keep its rates remarkably low is quite different.

It’s an argument that goes on forever with all the pros, cons and blame games but overall while virtually all nominees for council this month say they will scrutinise budgets and rate settings carefully, in my view today’s councils cost far too much money, period, as they try to be all things to all people.

And today’s councillors fall too easily in to the belief they are responsible for our physical, mental, professional, social, etc welfare, and Canning’s council today fell quickly in to that trap too.

As for reducing rates, trimming staff costs – these issues had gotten ridiculously out of control between councils, when Canning was put under investigation yet again and controlled by state govt appointed commissioners.  It was a ridiculously expensive ride that had to finish and when finally a Council was allowed to return to Canning they had no choice but to slash (at least some) costs.

It isn’t the same as paring back to basics and having rate rises that reflect that.  Today, the community has become used to going to Council for grants, funds to have a BBQ or have food trucks come to town, not as a sustainable business, but because we used ratepayers’ funds to put up fences, lights, provide security.

Really necessary?  Perhaps Mr Cheow will prove to have a clearer sense of priorities.

Cheow as featured on postal voting papers HERE