Parry Kahlon – Beeliar Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I ran in to Parry Kahlon recently – he turned up at a council meeting to kick Mason Ward Cllr Jesse Jacobs’ ass after he trespassed in to a fenced-off commercial area to make a point in the local media.  Very funny!

Kahlon also ran for Council in 2015.  I received several communications to the effect he still doesn’t live in Canning – in fact he pays his residential rates to the City of Melville.  His eligibility to run for Canning is based on the fact he owns several properties within the City.  As to why Kahlon still hadn’t managed the move to Canning before running for its council again, well, I’m not sure – he certainly seems heavily involved in the area and advises he is now building a home for his family here.

Politics!  Laborites find ways to suggest Kahlon is aligned, at least, with Liberals in the area and I’m told Godfrey Lowe, the Member for Riverton’s former research officer, has authorised some of his campaign material and appears in Mr Kahlon’s election materials:

I’m afraid politics – the values of electoral parties being acted upon, or what has been a predominantly conservative voting bloc on this council – is an issue at Canning.  I’ve no doubt sitting Beeloo Cllr Christine Cunningham (a Greens’ member and a woman who has run unsuccessfully for politics multiple times) is feeling the draft as her fellow Beeloo councillor, Pauline Tarrant, moves on from Canning.  These ladies shared certain values in common, so it was no surprise to see Ms Cunningham rush to promote certain candidates on her Facebook that she may feel she has more of a synergy with than those currently on council.

Kahlon’s profile is not markedly different – a professional, married, involved in sports.  We have plenty of those on council already.

He is clear he values public open space, our parks and doesn’t want to see them sold off (this is already happening, of course, as Canning appears to be negotiating to buy and presumably develop reserves that currently constitute open space at the Bentley Regeneration Project).

Mr Kahlon’s statement that he supports the Mayor in “efficient use of funds”.  It sounds like an attempt to align oneself with Mayor Paul Ng.  It happens, however it is debatable Canning is using ratepayers funds more efficiently – it has increased money spent on events by a third of a million, for instance.  Here today, gone tomorrow stuff while our shockingly low urban canopy continues.

I appreciate the fact Mr Kahlon refers to our community as “diverse”, as opposed to the increasingly blanket term “multicultural”.  I view this as a more sophisticated response to the many sectors that make up our society, such as people with disabilities which Canning appears to have relegated in importance.

Rising crime is certainly an issue in Beeliar ward and Mr Kahlon is keen to really work this issue.

Mr Kahlon also supports the expansion of Willetton Basketball’s stadium – a very common bid by those that run for council these days as the belief is that most of the WBA’s members emanate from this area.  They don’t, yet Canning is expected to meet the WBA’s wishes for its future.

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