Michael (Mike) Hall – Beeloo Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

Right, well, let’s just get this facile attempt at vote splitting by sitting Cllr Margaret Hall’s family done quickly, because I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t want just TWO families on Council dominating decisions.

See if you can follow the merry-go-round:-

  • Mike Hall is the husband of Cllr Margaret Hall.
  • Mike’s literature doesn’t indicate he has ever lived in Beeloo Ward.
  • Nonetheless Mike now wants to be Beeloo’s elected rep
  • Mike actually lives in Mason Ward, with his wife, Cllr Margaret Hall
  • Margaret lives in Mason Ward, but is the rep for Nicholson Ward
  • Margaret didn’t think she’d get in at Mason ward, so she put her name down for Nicholson ward on the far side of town.
  • If Margaret ever lived in Nicholson ward it wasn’t within this century (I’ll bet)
  • Margaret’s son, Robert Van Der Reest, is running for Mason Ward.
  • Mike Hall, I believe, wanted to run for Mason ward, but was “persuaded” to run for Beeloo instead, so he didn’t compete against his step-son
  • I presume son Robert lives in Mason ward, but what’s a ward between families?
  • And as mum and step-dad live in Mason ward, even if they seek to represent everyone everywhere else, it might be nice if at least one member of the family who lived in a ward actually got to represent it.

I suppose that’s the theory – either that or they are seeking world domination!

For a fuller version of this saga, and see how even the local paper could do nothing but take a middle line here, pls see the profile for Robert Van Der Reest (Mason ward).

Cllr Margaret Hall is not a councillor of high value in my view – I like her but she is a model from a long time ago, and prefers to appear at functions more than submit motions to Council about the ward she represents or even the ward she lives in.

Tea parties and citizenship ceremonies and taking many, many photos of yourself is not what today’s working councillor needs to be doing.

While the Halls may be stalwarts of the recruitment industry, Mr and Mrs Hall chuffed off on holiday when Margaret Hall was a member of the recruitment panel which selected our current CEO – and she was removed by Council from the CEO review panel today.  So one’s resume is not necessarily one’s trump card, Mr Hall!

I see absolutely nothing in the profile of any member of the Hall / Van Der Reest family that suggests the Council itself will become of more strategic value to the community as a result of this strategic alliance.

As with sitting Cllr Jesse Jacobs’ bid to put his partner (see the very difficult to believe Ms Sherry Sun’s profile for Nicholson ward), the Halls, the Van Der Reests, the Jacobs and Ms Sun are simply, in my view, playing the game of vote splitting – and as rank amateurs.  I’m amazed these families can walk down the street, frankly – this situation is making Canning a laughing-stock.

Hall as featured on postal voting papers HERE