Kunal Malhotra – Nicholson Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

At some point we, as a community, have to face the fact that we have a rather old  fashioned view when it comes to who gets on Council.  Reality? Its mostly white, middle-aged types – in what is one of the most multicultural local govt areas in Perth. 

Maybe its time to move on.

Looking at Kunal Malhotra’s election content (at bottom) I see he hasn’t responded to the Q posed by Canning Times:

Are you a member of a political party? Did not respond

Malhotra, who ran for Council in 2015, is believed to be associated with, if not a member of, the Liberal Party.  In that respect he would be one of a herd – we have several Liberal party members who plan to run (and again) for Parliament on Council or have a history with local Libs or have invoked members of the party in their campaigns now.  We also have a Green, possibly a National Party member, and several members of the Labor party are running for Council this time around.

Sitting Cllr Porter, I was told in 2015, may also have political aspirations (Lib?) but as he doesn’t respond to the scrutiny of this blog, I can’t confirm on that.

Malhotra has similar views to what he promises to attend to as others nominees for Council: wants to keep rates lean, reduce red tape, more security patrols, support community groups and preserve our green spaces.

I’m interested that Mr Malhotra has cottoned on to how our reserves (often covering parks and playgrounds – community open space in other words) may need protecting from development.  Times are changing and I’m not so sure more space won’t be resumed and rezoned for residential purposes, so Malhotra’s awareness of this still emerging conundrum is welcome.

Rather than quote his involvement in local sporting organisations, Malhotra demonstrates a different kind of commitment to community:  lends his expertise to not-for-profits as board member, is a volunteer fire fighter and member of the Australian Reserves.

I particularly like Mr Malhotra’s promise to us that he will use his experience as a lawyer to “assist the Council become efficient and, most importantly, accountable to you”.

In my view as long time observer of the City of Canning, it has become less, rather than more, transparent and accountable under the new council, who were voted in only a year after three years of investigation.  Today, critical recommendations relating to keeping thorough records of behind closed-door meetings (known as strategic briefings) still have not been implemented.

We don’t even know how many of our councillors attend these briefings.  Canning’s CEO won’t publicly produce any attendance details (as the former council did).

Canning is likely to remain vulnerable as a result, should a third investigation be called, and next time it might not survive intact. 

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