Kevin Drake – Bannister Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

YES, Mr Drake is a member of WA Labor, which has not previously been disclosed publicly by him to my knowledge.

AND YES, Mr Drake has actually been spotted attending a council meeting in recent times, something that is by no means a given amongst those who deem themselves capable of governing for 100,000+ people!

Where once Canning Council remained largely free of political parties, today it is festooned with party members, who are either likely to run for Parliament or likely to run for a second or third time.  Now, it seems, we can potentially add another party to our collection with at least three members of WA Labor running.

At this stage Drake doesn’t represent a point of difference to most nominees for Council…. better parks, services for youth/seniors, keep rates low, address security issues, better community engagement, etc…. but in the case of Bannister ward Drake is facing stiff competition in the form of Cllr Patrick Hall, who automatically enjoys a 15% vote advantage as the incumbent, and long time, well-known civic activist Caroline Dunsire.

I am hoping Mr Drake will communicate his specific points of difference, and individual aspirations, fresh ideas etc to this blog, and I will be able to update this entry to reflect that.

Drake as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE