Hardeep Singh – Mason Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

Singh expresses some lovely sentiments about life and living in Australia in some of his electoral materials, but essentially contributes nothing new in terms of what he would represent if elected to Council.  Singh also adopted an increasingly common tactic of setting up a generalised Facebook for the residents of Canning, as he prepared to nominate to represent them.

As for Mr Singh’s appreciation of the qualities he developed as a member of the Reserves, I agree, but such learning is not over and above the qualities many people are capable of bringing to Council – and whilst may be a compassionate person the local govt arena is more fraught today with party politics, and voting blocs than at any time in Canning’s history that I am aware of.

Its a jungle out there!

I was disappointed in my limited experience with Singh. In attempting to find out something more concrete about his aspirations for Council, Singh refused to answer any ward-related questions, claiming it was divisive and that he wished to represent the City as a whole.  He then blocked me from his Facebook, or from commenting, when I asked if he had ever attended any council meetings, read any of its key reports or knew of any of the big issues it had been dealing within in the last year.


When council nominees act this way so early in the piece one has to wonder what sort of councillor they would make, and how available and open to all would their representation be?

Singh as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE