Geoff Martin – Mason Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

I was involved in the same Harmony group Mr Martin uses as a reference point for his activities in some of his election material – Harmony being essentially a Facebook administrated by East Cannington resident Neville Lobo (regular readership 20-50), otherwise a loose collective that occasionally gets together for social activities, and was in a position to watch this East Cannington group struggle with trying to elicit engagement from sitting Mason Ward Cllrs, Jesse Jacobs and Ayse Martli.

To say it was not successful is an understatement – multiple copies of hopelessly inadequate communication from these councillors were shared within the Facebook.  As a result Mr Lobo worked to interest several people in East Cannington in running for council.  Geoff Martin was seventh on the list and at the point he decided to run, began to activate more broadly (a phenomenon we occasionally see, ie, Mason Ward nominee Hardeep Singh set up a Facebook for community residents prior to nominating for Council).

My understanding is that Martin, an ex-RAAF Serviceman, did not join the RSL until fairly recently – at which point I was informed they were “all going to vote for him” by a neighbour of Martin’s.  That was quick, if so!

As an aside, from 2015 to this year’s local govt elections, quite a few residents who have been or are involved in some way in defence forces have nominated for Canning council.

Shortly thereafter Martin appeared in the Canning Times, in an article about an enthusiastic group of dog owners walking a set of East Cannington streets to help keep the area safe.  The Times asked the local police unit if it was aware of the group’s efforts but it was unknown to them at the time.  Since then Martin has arranged for a group of residents, again from East Cannington, to meet with police to learn more about community security measures, also arranging a temporary increase in patrols for the area, an option often requested and available to Canning suburbs through the City’s excellent ranger service.

I know of no actions Martin has undertaken, either long-term or recently, that involve any other suburb of the large, L-shaped Mason Ward.

My understanding is that Martin does shift work, which may or may not impact on his claims of “[being there for us] at all times”.  There are many calls on a councillor’s time, from addressing residents’ concerns to site visits, attending events and frequent civic requirements and activities.

I can cheerfully report Martin has attended at least one council meeting in the last three months, which seems more than many!

As for Martin’s top three priorities, as detailed below in the Canning Times’ info offering on candidates for Council, they correlate with what I knew of Mr Neville Lobo’s concerns, on which he lobbied hard, ie, footpaths along busy Crawford Road, and I seem to recall he too had concerns about safe access points at a local primary school.  To top off what seems a remarkably circular state of affairs that Geoff Martin is associated with, both he and Mr Lobo approached the often disapproved of Cllr Jesse Jacobs to advise Martin on how to be a councillor:

Martin as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE