Damian Roddy – Mason Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

The cast of… many!…. running for Mason Ward this year includes Mr Roddy.

Overall, and again, Roddy’s promises of good governance to the community are much the same as other nominees, and current councillors assure us, ie, efficiencies, rates monitoring, support for community groups, more recreational amenities – and he expresses support for aged and disab[ility] services.

Roddy has come out with something unique:  he aims to be the most approachable councillor by inviting all residents and groups to contact him, seemingly regardless of what ward they emanate from.  Technically any councillor can be approached by any applicable entity within City of Canning for representation but this is the first time I’ve seen an overt invitation to do so.

Mr Roddy, as with another council nominee (Beeliar Ward) has also worked for local govt in the past, albeit on the administration side.

As with his fellow Mason Ward nominee, Graham Barry, Roddy seems to be in a position to devote more of his daylight and weekday hours to Mason Ward, being semi-retired.

Roddy as featured on postal voting papers HERE and as part of Canning Times election round-up HERE