Caroline Dunsire – Bannister Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

I’m told Ms Dunsire is backed by a “No Cafe [at Shelley Beach Park]” supporters group but that she has given no specific guarantee she will vote against any such proposal if she becomes councillor.  In that respect the more prominent runners for Bannister ward, sitting Cllr Patrick Hall and Ms Dunsire, offer no real point of difference as to whether or not commercial development will proceed in the foreshore area.

Note: the word “sustainable” means nothing at all anymore, in fact its highly contestable!

Dunsire’s seemingly oddly suspended space in this issue broadens when one takes in to account Cllr Hall credits her with the idea to conduct a survey in the first place – as submitted at an Annual Electors’ meeting.

My particular concern with Dunsire, however, relates to her views amounting to class distinctions, if anything, in those who make up the Canning community.  Occurring at the time of the failed attempt at local govt reform, when Canning was due to be ceased and dispersed to four councils, Ms Dunsire made the extraordinary assertion that areas such as where she lived were more suitable to being transferred to the City of Melville, as opposed to the rest of us…. well, read for yourself HERE

Speaking to an organizer behind Ms Dunsire’s campaign on the weekend I am reminded that the same person told me several months ago that Dunsire had announced her intention to run for Council… yet she did not do what I consider the honourable thing and at least appraise the City of Canning’s Community Advisory Group she chairs of the potential for this.

The terms and conditions of these small advisory groups, which were neither asked for nor endorsed by the community, caution the members they may be exposed to confidential information [relating to strategic matters]. I consider this has the potential to amount to unfair advantage over other council nominees and have since asked Arthur Kyron, CEO of Canning, if the matter of conflicts of interest could be examined for transparency and accountability purposes.

Dunsire ran for Council in 2015, coming 6th out of a crowded field of 12, achieving 8.64% of the vote.  She is a long-term ratepayer group member – Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley Residents Association (RRSRA) – and is associated with Mayor Paul Ng, who was its President.

Ms Dunsire enjoyed the privilege of Mayor Ng accepting her suggestion, from the public gallery, as to how councillors should vote on an issue at one stage.

Ratepayers groups have been falling away for some time but in Bannister’s case a new group is mooted to be forming.

Ms Dunsire’s commitment to the civic space as a member of a ratepayer group, sadly lacking in evidence in almost all of today’s councillors ahead of being elected, and amongst current nominees, is in no doubt, however.  It has been a solid commitment of 20 years.

Whilst being included in photos ops with Mike Nahan, Member for Riverton, Cllr Patrick Hall and Liberal Party member Cllr Ben Kunze, who remains Nahan’s research officer and is likely to run for parliament, Ms Dunsire is not a member of a political party.

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