Bernard Wai Shing Fan – Bannister Ward

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Comments as long-time observer of civic matters in Canning: 

Mr Fan is striking stronger chords with his electoral material, with more defined goals if he is voted on to council – including prioritising the last remaining, marginalised sector of our society: people with disabilities.

His background appears to be in the humanities (counselling, addiction counsellor, supported housing programs and aged care services) and there is definitely room for a councillor with experience in these areas at the City of Canning as our city faces more and more challenges. 

The last councillor to say he would act on homelessness and methamphetmine issues, Jesse Jacobs, did nothing I am aware of, nor has anything emerged as part of the City’s planning.

Another area in which the City could very much increase its responsiveness to a truly diverse society is in its parks.  I visited a newly opened park in a well-to-do area of Canning recently and was appalled to find it offered no “all abilities” equipment, although it did include something Fan seeks to roll out more – exercise equipment.  Given Fan seems to have a strong background in the disability sector, I very much welcome the advocacy he could bring, if elected, that would change this poor reflection on what should be a fully inclusive City.

Fan’s other areas of interest include a desire to stop clearing land for development and stopping high-rise building (although the City seems sensitive to this issue, looking to put medium to high-rise only in certain areas – although it’s a pity Mr Fan isn’t running for Mason Ward, where higher rise and significant infill is intended to feature most of all.  This ward has not been well represented by sitting Cllrs Jesse Jacobs or Ayse Martli).

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