Bentley Regen & Canning City Centre (CBD) Projects

Work is to begin on the Bentley Regeneration project, finally, in 2017 – and problems/challenges are rearing their heads.

Can density be done well is the question this $700m project seeks to answer, as Perth and Peel region’s population races to 3.5 million by 2050.

Info, spin?  You decide:

Chinese Developers control Canning?

One of the highest viewed posts, this charts how the City of Canning appears to have lost control of a project destined to be a defining moment in how Perth meets the challenges of the future.

Canning kept “poor”?

Bentley is the site of a near billion dollar development, so why is the area being portrayed as multicultural poor town by Canning, the Housing Authority and the community group it manufactured, Bentley Community Focus?

Curtin Game Changer – Cancel the light rail?

Was it wise for Canning to pin a lot of hope on servicing Curtin University, as it develops its CBD area?  Many of the “10,000 homes” boasted of the future on Ch 7’s video are likely to be snapped up by investors, with the presumption being students will occupy them.  But what if Curtin has other plans?