Anastasia Isakova – Beeloo Ward

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Speaking as long-term observer of Canning Council: 

Interesting to see Ms Isakova’s Facebook, limited and non-committal as it is, has quite a few Likes from Cllr Ben Kunze’s brother, Karl and a few from Cllr Pat Hall, using his personal FB.  Shoring up preferences?  Probably not the most helpful of things – Ben Kunze and Hall being a tag team whose stocks within Council I perceive to have been falling for some time (see Patrick Hall – Bannister).

Ms Isakova has also been plugged by sitting Beeloo Cllr Christine Cunningham, on her Facebook.  I’m not surprised.  With Pauline Tarrant going Cunningham is probably feeling a draft around her as she doesn’t seem to hold much stock within Council on her own some.  

To Ms Isakova:

Lovely to see passion for mental health and aged care here (I hope this extends to ensuring far more inclusiveness, including that of the value of employment, for  residents with disabilities, of which we hear almost nothing about from other council nominees).

I particularly like Isakova’s focus here:  “[I’m a] supporter of local community organisations that help people find a sense of belonging and that look after some of our most vulnerable residents”.  For all the clubs and groups we have, very few fit in to this category in reality and I can think of quite a few that need so much assistance I have to wonder who is holding up what!

From Russia originally, Ms Isakova seems keenly aware of the challenges faced in a new country and I, for one, THANK her for using the word “diversity” to describe our population, as I perceive that as a far more inclusive term than what the City and its local politicians constantly fall back: multicultural.

Today we hear more council nominees talk about the value of small business, in this election it is at an all time high…. in fact casting my mind over the nominees there seem less public servants than small business owners running this time around.  A good thing!… although Ms Isakova appears unaware the City runs a lot of events already pertaining to what she’d like to see in support of small business and this seems a major focus of today’s Council set to continue.

The main problem Beeloo has is neither of its current Councillors seemed to have much time to be out and about in the community.  This needs to improve, the councillors get four times more money than they used to and for that I expect their interaction with the community extend somewhat beyond where their daily or weekend activities take them – and to focus on a little more than Ferndale Residents Association, which makes a beeline for “lovely ladies” who run for Council!

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