Willetton: best high school, top 10 in real estate, but WHO will represent it on Council? Candidates on radio

Only around 16% of those eligible to vote have done so in the election called to replace former councillor Lindsay Holland.

Five candidates running – three of which appeared on Radio 107.3 HFM this morning. Questions asked included how much did they know about upcoming local government reform legislation and what should the City of Canning’s focus be for the next 10 years.

Candidate radio spots in order of appearance (below).

All five candidates’ contact details and election spiels HERE

If you want to vote but haven’t received your ballot papers in the mail you can do THIS instead.

Voting closes 9 December 2022

Shouv Sarker

Raveesh John

Andie Noon


Thank you to Radio 107.3 HFM for its coverage of the City of Canning’s Beeliar extraordinary election candidates, 26 November 2022. Candidates in order of appearance were Shouv Sarker, Raveesh John and Andie Noon. Shen Sekhon sent apologies (had another appointment) and Benoy Paul Kaitarath did not attend. Photo montage from Radio 107.3 HFM’s Facebook, limited to those who went on air. Listen to 107.3 HFM here: https://heritagefm.net/

Multiple articles online refer to Willetton Senior High School’s success, and the value of suburb’s housing.

Mayor Patrick Hall, City of Canning, first notified the community of Beeliar’s low voting turnout in a post dated 25 November 2022, https://www.facebook.com/mayorpatrickhall/posts/pfbid02raEGJwYB4qzZHVKBPLTA52dndJR1gNVgrCDuGALZcbHYK5JqfDuUYkHNKYy8mQi3l