City of Canning LG Election 2019 – the games begin?

(This post has run through Canning Facebooks in last week)

CANNING MAYORAL CANDIDATE Jesse Jacobs seems willing to do anything to get in to (Parliament, basically). Now he’s running for Mayor again, but integrity seems to be an issue? Will it be different this time? Concerns that arose from his 2015 mayoral campaign here:-

  • One month before 2015 elections, Jacobs’ campaign FB Likes took a giant leap in a 48 hour period. Where did they come from? In Liberal circles that’s called “A Tony Abbott”.
  • Jacobs is a member of the Liberal Party, which doesn’t train candidates for local govt as WA Labor does, or endorse them. Jacobs borrowed its colours for council election material anyway.
  • Jacobs campaigned on councillors having appropriate relationships with developers, but within a year was accepting the hospitality of Carousel to promote himself

Jesse Jacobs Fact Check Post for 2019 3Jesse Jacobs Fact Check Post for 2019 electionJesse Jacobs Fact Check Post for 2019 2

Posted as part of Fact Check on Canning Councillors.
Declaration: I do not intend to run for council.
Content authorised by Diana Ryan (Silent Elector, Bentley)

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